Getting started

Can you do all 80 things on the list? We’ve asked lots of different people about what things should be on the list, and have put together 80 things to do in Bristol by 18, are you up for the challenge?

Getting started couldn't be easier

There are 80 to choose from, pick one to start with and get going…

See the full list here. When you’ve decided what you want to do click on ‘read more’ and you’ll be taken to a page that will help you get started, including some useful information and links about what you’ll need for that particular task.

You can also explore the things by category, like ‘take a risk’, or you can select tags to filter your choice, for example if you were looking for something to do on a raining day near your home that cost nothing you could tick: indoors, free to do, can do in my area.

See all 80

And do it...

Each activity page gives you the basic information you need to do each thing. We’ve also created some extra resources to help you. Under the resources tab you’ll find a tick sheet to print out to help you keep a record of what you've done and what's left - pin it up and mark it off as you complete them. There are also some 'tick off 10' maps which suggest how you can complete lots of activities in one go. See if there's a map for your area.

Also, look out for the 80by18 logo displayed by project partners or places that might be helpful. If somewhere is displaying the 80by18 logo it means young people are welcome there, and they might be able to help you and answer some of your questions relating to a particular task.


Safety tips

Above all, while you’re doing all these exciting things, we want you to be safe. We have put some specific safety tips for the different activities on the pages about them, and in addition to these we suggest that you also always tell an responsible adult where and what you're planning to do, and make sure they know when you plan to be home.

While we've suggested a few tips to help you and keep you safe they are just tips, so be aware that these are not intend to cover all aspects of safety and we can't promise that. So while you're doing any of the things on the list just be aware of any safety issues around you. This doesn't mean getting paranoid, it just means considering your situation and what might go wrong and making sure you’re safe.

Where you see the 80by18 logo in shops or organisation windows this means you're welcome there. It doesn't mean that the 80by18 project or the University of Bristol has endorsed them or vetted them.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

Terms & Conditions

Tips for parents

This website is intended to inspire young people in Bristol to do things and gain a variety of experiences along the way. It provides suggestions and some useful links, however it is not a ‘how to guide’ or ‘risk assessment’ for activities in Bristol. You know your child best, so make sure they choose an activity suitable for them, think about the degree of supervision or freedom you think is required, and make sure you are comfortable with what is happening.

80by18 and the University of Bristol do not endorse any of the links on this website, they are just provided as potentially helpful links, we have not vetted the organisations and can not vouch for them. This also applies to the 80by18 stickers displayed by organisation and shops around the city.