Below please find commonly asked questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Who is involved?

Anyone who lives in the city, young or old. The project is coordinated by the University of Bristol in collaboration with partners from UWE, MShed, Windmill Hill City Farm, Ablaze, Lighting Up Learning, MyFutureMyChoice, ASDAN and others.

Team & Partners

How was the list created?

From Feb 21st to April 20th 2013 there was an open invitation to anyone in the city to share ideas for the list via the website. There was then a public event on March 20th to review the ideas. The final list was made with the help of young people in schools and youth groups. The team was assisted in the analysis of the 600 ideas by Harith Alani and Miriam Fernandez and their team at the Knowledge Media Institute, Open University.

Project background

What age is it for?

The list of things is for everyone in Bristol under 18! Of course some things will be more suitable for different ages, so use your judgement about what you can reasonably expect to do independently, with a little help, and under supervision. Use the tag “Great for little'uns with parents” to filter activities if you have kids under 6.

Who else is doing it?

The list is for every young person in Bristol, so tell your friends, get them to join in and spread the word – everyone can do this.

Where can I see the 80 things list?

Go to the “See all 80” tab on the home page.

Where can I get what I need?

Many of the 80 things require little resources or are about resourcing yourself for free. If you need something in particular then there will be links to organisations that may be able to help on the specific things page, (e.g. create or fix a bike from recycles parts provides links to the Bristol Bike Project and freecycle). Please note that we have not vetted the linked organisations and therefore cannot vouch for them.

How do I find out where to do it?

Some of the things on the list are location based, like going to Severn Beach or Purdown Percy, some are around your own neighbourhood, and others can be done at home. Each thing has a page which gives more information about where to go and how to find out more information.

We've also created some local area maps which suggest how you can complete lots of activities in one area, see the tick off ten maps on the resources page.


I keep seeing 80by18 logos in shop windows - What do they mean?

If a shop or organisation is displaying an 80by18 'we're on the list' logo you are welcome there. It means that they are happy to help you and answer some of your questions about a particular thing on the list.

Where can I find out what it’s like to do this?

The list of 80 is unique, so the best way to find out what it’s like is to do it! You can read about what others have done and how they’ve found the different things on our stories pages where other young people have shared their experiences.


Where can I tell you when I’ve done it?

Share your stories with us on this website’s stories page.

If I’ve done all of them – what do I get?

You get all the new skills and experiences you’ve gained on the way. You get bragging rights. You get a great sense of achievement. You may also get a certificate from the University of Bristol saying you've completed the challenge, if you can evidence what you've done (to a reasonable degree).

How much is this going to cost?

Many of the activities are free to do. Select the tag “free to do” and filter for these activities. We’ve tried to keep costs to a minimum, but sometimes you might need a bus fare or some money to buy some food. A few of the activities are more involved, and might require hiring equipment. For some of the activities it might also be possible to get free taster sessions as well, and we’ve indicated this where it might be the case on the specific activity pages (e.g. rock climbing).

Is it safe?

Different things on the list carry different degrees of risk, and will also depend on the age and development of each individual. We have provided some general safety tips and also tips specific to particular things on their separate pages, and want everyone to be safe doing these things. However, these are not risk assessed and we do not encourage excessive risks. Talk it through with your parents/children and if you feel uncomfortable about something stop and think about if you want to do it.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

Terms & Conditions

I can offer something on the list – how do I get involved?

That’s great, please contact the project on educ-80by18@bristol.ac.uk with details of how you can help. You can also use this e-mail to request an '80by18 I'm on the list' window sticker.

I’ve got an idea for something new – how do I get it included?

Please get in touch explaining your idea and why do it. Use the subject heading ‘80by18 new thing ideas’ and send us an e-mail at educ-80by18@bristol.ac.uk.

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to complain about any of the content on the 80by18 website then please e-mail us at educ-80by18@bristol.ac.uk about your concern. We will review your complaint and if appropriate take action in a reasonable time.