78. Your rights, your vote

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Find out what young people’s rights are and register to vote.

Learning City
polling station sign by Chris Ballard

Why do it?

Being unfairly treated because of your age, gender, religion, sexuality, the colour of your skin, or the country you come from is unacceptable and often against the law.

You have rights relating to wages and employment, being arrested and education. If you know your rights you can prevent rights being abused.

One of the best ways to protect the rights of young people is to make sure that you have a say in who governs the city and the country – this means making sure that you can vote by registering when you are old enough.

Today, many young people don’t vote, and so many politicians tend not to pay attention to young people’s issues.

How to do this in Bristol

There are lots of ways for young people to protect theirs and others’ rights. The United Nations has written down a list of all rights for young people. You can read this here.

All the information you need to find out whether you are registered to vote or not is available here

Voting is not the only way to influence how the country is run. Just look at the amazing story of Paul Stephenson, a Bristol man whose campaigned to end racism for drivers of Bristol buses.

Today, there are other people fighting similar battles. If you’re older than 13, for example, you can join a "Reach" steering group. These are run by ‘Education Action Challenging Homophobia’, a not-for-profit charity. You can also explore how you can help organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau which help people to understand their rights on all sorts of issues – from money, to employment to education.

Fahma Mohamed is a young person from Bristol fighting for the rights of young girls across the country through raising awareness of FGM and working with charity Integrate

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