6. Graffiti Hunt

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All year round
Great for little'uns with parents (under 6)

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Track down five different pieces of graffiti by local Bristol graffiti artists - create your own art by snapping a photo of each.

Learning City
Girl photographing street art

Why do it?

If you go graffiti hunting you will explore different parts of the city and will start to recognize different artist’s work.

Bristol is famous for its graffiti and street art, and has been for over twenty years.

We are home to the world famous graffiti artist Banksy, who has been using his work to make a statement all around the world. Bristol also boasts loads of other street artists that don't often get the recognition that they deserve, such as Sweet Toof, CKone, Rowdy, 3Dom, Inkie, Sepr and Epok.

Graffiti is not just about an image on a wall - it is a form of protest and is used to send messages. Look closely as you travel around the city and try to figure out what some of the graffiti is saying.

It’s a really important art form and this challenge is never ending as out city's grafitti is changing all the time.

How to do this in Bristol

What you will need

  • Transport across the city

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