67. Spend a day on Bristol time

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Track down all the places associated with Bristol time, set your watch to Bristol time and see what happens.

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The clockface from the Exchange in Bristol, showing both Greenwich Mean Time and Bristol time (Black hand).

Why do it?

Spending a day on Bristol time reminds us that even the things we think are completely unchangeable and universal – like time – can change!

How to do this in Bristol

Bristol used to be 10 minutes behind Greenwich Mean Time. Before the railways came people in Bristol had a different time from London (because we are further west than London which means that really when its twelve noon in London, it’s still only 11.50 here).

There is a small brass plaque in the pavement outside Hobgoblins music shop on College Green that shows the place where a local businessman first purchased ‘London time’ and sold it to the locals. In St Nicholas market you can still find a clock tower that shows both London and Bristol time. The black minute hand shows the GMT and the red minute hand shows Bristol time!

What you will need

  • A watch or a phone that you can alter the time on

  • Understanding friends, parents, teachers or bosses who won’t mind that you’ll be ten minutes ‘late’ for a whole day

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