59. See Bristol from above

Free to do
Can do in my area
No planning needed
All year round
Great for little'uns with parents (under 6)

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Get to a high point with a great view and spend ten minutes just soaking it all in.

Slow down
A girl in a red coat looking out over Bristol

Why do it?

It’s good to get a bigger picture from time to time.

Getting up high can help you get a sense of perspective – the big picture and where you fit in it.

How to do this in Bristol

Bristol's pretty hilly so there are a loads of high places around the city.

Open all year round are the Cabot Tower, Clifton observatory and St Werburghs mound.

Bristol’s Open Doors day will let you into the tower of the Wills building at the top of Park Street, which is the third tallest building in Bristol and offers one of the best views of the city.

Bristol Open Doors

What you will need

Just you and some time to take it all in

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