49. Build your own Concorde

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Great for little'uns with parents (under 6)

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Make paper aeroplanes with your friends or family and see whose will fly the furthest.

Learning City
a small boy colouring in his paper plane by Chris Penny

Why do it?

Bristol is a hot spot for aeronautical engineering - Concorde, Airbus and other planes have all been built in our amazing city.

Making paper aeroplanes is a great way to get to grips with the principles of flight and engineering.

And its fun.

See if you can work out how to make your plane fly further and for longer than your friends’.

How to do this in Bristol

You can do this anywhere with a large open space, if it is windy it might be better to do it indoors.

You could use your local community centre or communal space, but always remember to be respectful and tidy up after yourselves.

Test out your designs with your friends and see whose will fly the furthest.

What you will need

  • A piece of paper (or more if you are going to try out a few designs)

  • An open space

  • A way of measuring the distance your plane travelled

  • Some friends to make it a real competition

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