44. Busk for an hour

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Busk for an hour somewhere in Bristol - make enough money to cover your bus fare and maybe more!

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Aerial view of someone busking with a guitar by gillicious

Why do it?

Doing something scary like this can be exhilarating and you never know - you might just enjoy it!

You’re getting a new audience every few seconds so you can try different styles or techniques, see what response you get, and get some feedback on your performance by looking at your earnings.

On top of all that you should (hopefully) earn a bit of cash.

How to do this in Bristol

Busking means performing in public places for donations, which are generally in the form of money and food.

In Bristol it is legal to busk for up to an hour in any one place. You can pitch (where you perform) anywhere in Bristol.

Busking can be just about anything that people find entertaining. For example buskers may do musical performances, magic shows, mime, dance routines, juggling even sword swallowing. Other performers may do acrobatics, balloon twisting, card tricks, fire skills, living statue, reciting poetry or prose, street art or contortions.

You don’t have to be amazing at what you do, many buskers just do it to make a little extra money on the side. Busking is also a great way of gaining confidence and experience of performing in front of people. Many musicians, actors and magicians started performing on the streets.

Remember to make sure you have permission if shops and businesses are in the immediate area, and always perform in safe areas. Depending on your age you may need an adult to accompany you while you busk.

Two main things to look out for when searching for your ideal pitch:

  1. Does anyone else busk or perform there? Will you be competing with them or can you find somewhere else that doesn't get in their way?

  2. Are there enough people passing by your pitch for it to be worthwhile?

Here are some more tips and guidance

What you will need

  • A performance or act

  • A costume, instruments and/or props

  • A hat or some container to collect your tips

  • Possibly someone to work the crowd for you

  • An adult to accompany you

Safety tips

Choose a safe place to busk – is it open and busy? Busk during daylight hours. To keep your money safe make sure that you remove most of it and put it somewhere out of sight every now and then, especially any large denominations.

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