2. Hunt down the source of the Brislington Brook

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Find the source of the Brislington Brook and follow it from source to mouth.

Learning City
Two girls running in a field

Why do it?

It’s beautiful. It’s like being in the countryside without having to leave the city.

There’s also a hidden site alongside the brook called St Anne’s well, which people used to travel to from across the British Isles.

How to do this in Bristol

You have to get to Stockwood and follow the river through Hengrove park, through the village below the church, then past St Annes wood to the River Avon above Netham. There’s a facebook page specifically for the brook which gives more information.

What you will need

  • Suitable clothing (waterproofs, particularly footwear)

  • Maps

  • Drinking water

  • A picnic or snacks

Taking it further

If you’re interested in more Bristol Hidden rivers, there’s a Bristol blue map that shows where they all are – there are lots more to explore.

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