29. Meet an artist

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Meet a real artist and talk to them about their work and what they do.

two small children with artist

Why do it?

Artists help us to imagine how the world can be different.

It’s interesting to talk to new people, especially if they have a different way of looking at the world.

If you’re interested in becoming an artist, it’s great to get some advice about how to get started.

How to do this in Bristol

Bristol is a creative, colourful and artistic city, filled with artists of every genre who use all sorts of media (media are different ways to produce art - paint, sculpture, film, even rubbish!). Living here means you have the opportunity to see and experience many different art forms.

Many of the artists who exhibit around Bristol live in the city, so it’s easier than you’d think to contact them and ask them questions about what they do. Most artists are really passionate people who enjoy talking about their work.

Find out how to get started in the art world, how to exhibit, what venues are good for exhibitions and get advice on technique, how to get creative, or anything else arty you are interested in.

Art and culture in Bristol ranges from music, dance, theatre and live production, visual art, video and film, photography and multimedia, so there’s something for everyone.

You can meet artists everyday on almost every street, however, a sure way to find them is to go along to one of Bristol’s many art events.

For example:

  • Arts trails and open door days

  • Creative markets

  • Festivals and events (Upfest, See No Evil)

  • Graffiti spots and legal walls

  • Exhibitions

Use the links provided to find out what is going on in the art community near you. Also keep an eye out for posters, cards and community boards that may have information on future art events near you.

What you will need

  • An interest in art

  • Enough courage to speak to someone new

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