26. Learn a circus trick

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No planning needed
All year round
Great for little'uns with parents (under 6)

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Learn one trick from a circus skill of your choice

Learning City
A boy bouncing up the waterfall steps in Bristol city on his unicycle

Why do it?

Want to impress your friends and family whilst staying healthy, improving your co-ordination, keeping fit, meeting people, having fun and improving your confidence?

Then this 80by18 challenge is for you.

How to do this in Bristol

Bristol is one of the most amazing cities in the country for learning and improving your circus skills.

Why not discover the circus people and places Bristol has to offer?

You will need a lot of concentration and dedication, and once you learn one trick you’ll want to learn more and more.

Here's some circus skill suggestions to get you started:

  • Juggling
  • Diablo
  • Poi (two bean bags/balls on string which are swung around the body)
  • Staff
  • Hula Hoop

Before you buy any equipment try making your own! Use these links to find out how:

How to make your own juggling balls How to make your own poi

or just put your home-made juggling balls into some socks and tie a knot in them so they are the right length!

If you feel too shy to go straight to one of the circus organisations use the internet to find a skill you like the look of - YouTube videos or circus skill instruction sites are a great place to get inspired. Here are some to get you started:

How to juggle 3 balls Beginners video on poi spinning

Try out some different workshops around the city (See the links below) to meet other circus-y people and develop your skills:

Or if you and your friends want to learn together, why not meet up each week and show each other what you've learned and try out each other’s equipment.

What you will need

Some basic materials to make some circus equipment/ or some circus equipment (which can be bought quite cheaply from online shops) Patience - and loads of it! A big enough space to throw balls and hoops around in- try your local park

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