14. See the inside of somewhere strange

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Find somewhere strange that you’ve always wanted to see inside, find out how to get permission and get in there.

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Toddler hiding inside a model kangaroo pouch

Why do it?

The world is full of buildings that look like we don’t belong inside them or that might be home to hidden secrets. It’s amazing what you can find if you try.

How to do this in Bristol

The Architecture Centre’s Bristol Opening Doors website is a good place to start.

Choose a building that looks intriguing and see whether you can arrange to visit. Look out for Bristol Doors Open day which happens every year. You can write to building owners to ask to visit the building. There are also urban exploration groups who are interested in encouraging people to explore and make records of unused buildings across the country. These include Whatever’s Left; 28 Days Later; Beyond The Boundary; UK Urbex

What you will need

  • Guide to Bristol Open Doors Event


  • Permission to access the premises

  • Whatever safety equipment is needed to enter any premises that are derelict

  • A camera/smartphone to take pictures and videos or a sketchpad

Taking it further

The Architecture Centre on the harbourside has great insights into Bristol’s buildings and history and might be able to give you advice on how to see inside some of the most amazing buildings in the city.

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