13. Visit a (different) place of worship

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Visit a place of worship in your community that is different from your own.

Learning City
Bristol Cathedral patterned marble floor by Heather Cowper

Why do it?

Whether you are deeply religious or an atheist (a person with no religious beliefs), the reality is that you’re going to need to figure out how to live, work and make friends with people who have different beliefs than you.

One way of understanding other people is to see and understand where, how and why they worship their god.

Bristolians have religious faiths from all over the world, finding out about different religions can be inspiring and interesting - it doesn't mean you have to change your own ideas, or even believe in religion at all. Doing this challenge may even make you more sure about what you already believe.

How to do this in Bristol

There are a whole range of groups that are set up specifically to help you meet people from other faiths. For example, the Sari Project; the multi-faith forum and the Christian faith meet-up groups as well as many more. It’s worth also just keeping your eyes open for the different places of worship in the city and thinking about when and how you might visit them. Would you have the confidence to stroll right in? Do you need to contact them first so they were expecting you and maybe show you round or explain what was going on that day? Do bear in mind the need to be respectful of the different traditions there are in different places of worship, try to find out a little bit before you go.

What you will need

  • Respect

  • An open mind

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